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TGM Hotel Residence

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The Hotel Residence TGM is a XV – XVI Century building that was completely remodern to a fashionably elegant contemparary style. It is located in the historic centre of the charming town of Znojmo. 

Znojmo is considered the Pearl of South Moravia as a matter of fact in 2010 it won the prize as the most beautiful historic city in Czech Republic. Its origins are linked with the wine production. It occupies a strategic position thanks to its proximity to big european cities such as Prague, Wien and Brno and a the same time to the magnificent nature of Podyji Park. 

If you take a few days to visit our wonderful town you wish you will be able to come back very soon. 


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Residence TGM

Masarykovo nám. 12

669 02 Znojmo

GPS: N 48°51.24382', E 16°3.04692'


Tel: +420 515 331 222

E-mail: info@HotelTGM.cz

Facebook: facebook.com/HotelTGM

Skype: info@HotelTGM.cz